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I wanna be


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A cheeky rabbit in a tough world, spreading love with an endless amount of cuddly rabbit droppings!

A story about overcoming the fear to be yourself. 

If I dared to be as brave and loving as my favorite pluche friend KonKonni… what would I do? I would be unstoppable!

KonKonni shows us a world where everyone belongs, where even our meanest bully dares to step down and show its soft side.

#inclusion #love #playtogether #daretodream

International rights available

Our successful picture book character comes to life in games, nature playgrounds and adventure trails. Since 2013 the world of our cheeky rabbit KonKonni (in Dutch: Stout Konijn) and its fans has grown with every festival it visited. 
KonKonni would love to go international!
Get in touch for a sample of our newest picture book:
I wanna be KonKonni
by Douwe-Sjoerd Boschman (author) and Ricardo Makosi (illustrator).

KonKonni's island of adventure

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